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                               CLOSED CIRCUIT REBREATHER TRAINING                                                                      INSPIRATION and EVOLUTION
                                                   “The Ultimate Diving Machine”

 Why Dive Inspiration Rebreather?
Silent Diving – No Bubbles
Close Marine Life Encounters
Nitrox Optimum Breathing Mix at all Depths
Longer Duration Dives, Reduced Gas Consumption
Increased No Decompression bottom times
Greatly reduce decompression times, 02 rich mix
Shorter surface interval between dives
Warm, Moist Gas, and reduces dehydration
Effectively gas duration irrespective of depth
More dive time, quality diving and safe dive

Who Dive Inspiration Rebreather?
People who like to dive and enjoy being in the water
Marine Life Enthusiasts
Commercial and Military divers
Underwater Photographers and Videographers
Deep, Technical and Cave divers
Scientific divers and expedition diving

Purpose:  This Program is designed to train certified nitrox divers in the safer use and technology of CCR to dive using the Inspiration or Evolution Vision Electronic Closed Circuit Mixed Gas Rebreather.

Course Overview:
      35 hours lecture 
      Practical Workshop 5 hours
      Confined water training dive(240 min)
      7 open water dives (420 min. bottom time)
 Intensive course full time in 8 days or part time in 3 weeks
Student Provide: CCR Inspiration or Evolution (available for rent)
Standard open water dive gear and Bail-out bottle 40 cu. ft.

Certification received: Closed Circuit Rebreather Diver diluente air to 132 fsw (40 msw)

CMAS Scuba Diving Two Star Instructor since 1980, Three Star CMAS Instructor Trainer since 1982


Instructor Trainer since 2013


IANTD Technical Diving Instructor since 2006

​​TEKNOSUB  Technical Diving

​underwater domain